Snook Fishing Charter

Snook Fishing Charter in Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, and St. Pete Beach

Snook Fishing Charter in Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, and St. Pete Beach

One of the most sought after game fish in the Tampa Bay area, Snook are well known for their difficulty to catch, fighting capabilities, excellent table fare, large mouth with an extended lower jaw, and their distinct black lateral line.


Where to find Snook in Tampa Bay

Depending on the time of year Snook can be found off of St. Pete Beach and many of the other beaches, cruising the crystal clear flats, stashed up in the mangroves, spawning in the passes, or around docks and other structure like bridges.


What to expect when fishing for snook in Tampa Bay and St. Pete Beach

Snook are caught year round in the Tampa Bay area and range in sizes from less than 12” to larger than 40”. The eyes of a Snook are located on top of their head making it easy for them to ambush their prey from underneath. They also have a large mouth with no teeth, which means when they eat your bait they have to swallow it whole. These two things combined make for one of the most memorable bites in the area. When a Snook takes your bait you will know it from the thump you will feel on the other end of the line. It is not uncommon for a Snook to launch out of the water once hooked or do multiple flips and tail walks across the surface of the water. The hard-hitting Snook however can only be harvested during certain times of the year to prevent over fishing. These times vary almost every year and because of these fluctuations in the season it’s best to contact Capt. Zack for the most up to date info.