St. Pete Beach Private Shelling Tours

If you would like to go on a private shelling tour we can take you to some of the more desolate islands in the area where the currents constantly wash up new shells with every tide. This will give you the best chance at finding that souvenir to take home or to get a great picture with to show all of your loved ones! Some shells we typically find are conchs, clams, cocquina’s, sand dollars, and more!

All of our St. Pete Beach shelling tours are completely private so you won’t have to deal with the large crowds like some of the other shelling tours.

St. Pete Beach shelling tours range from 2-8 hours

Pricing for private St. Pete Beach shelling tours:

  • 2 hours – $300
  • 3 hours – $400
  • 4 hours – $500
  • 6 hours – $700
  • 8 hours -$800

Pricing is good for up to 6 people