Cobia Fishing Charters in St. Pete Beach


Also known as ling or lemonfish.

  • Long, slim fish with a broad, depressed head
  • Brown in color, fading to a whitish belly
  • Dark lateral stripe extending through eye to tail
  • Lower jaw projects past upper jaw
  • Young have alternating black and white horizontal stripes

Similar Species: Remora, E. naucrates (sucker disk present on top of head)

Size: Up to 6 feet (150 pounds); common from 10 to 50 pounds


Cobia are found in nearshore and inshore waters with inlets and bays. Cobia are frequently found around buoys, pilings and wrecks in these areas.


They spawn in spring and early summer. Feeds on crabs, squid and small fishes.

Additional Information

State Record: 130 lb 1 oz, caught near Destin

Fishing Tips and Facts: Live crabs and small fish are good baits for cobia. Keep bait near the surface or, if cobia are deeper, add just enough weight to get the bait down and still retain its movement. Medium to heavy tackle is required to land these fish which average 30 pounds. Large specimens in the 50-80 pound class are frequently caught and cherished by the lucky angler who outmatches these powerful fish. Cobia are excellent table fare.