Fall fishing in Tampa Bay


Fall is an excellent time for fishing in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.  The water temps start dropping and it seems like everything starts to come back to life after the end of summer doldrums.   The snook move back onto the grass flats from their summer hangouts at the beach and can be found hanging around the mangroves and near points on the grass flats spread through out Tampa Bay.  The redfish will be picking up as well as more and more schools move into our area.  Expect to see them moving around the grass flats of Tampa Bay chasing baits or if you’re really lucky you may even find a giant school of breeder redfish a few miles off the shore of St. Pete Beach spawning.  The offshore schools are usually much harder to locate consistently than the inshore schools but when you find them, it’s one of the best sights and experiences an angler can experience in Florida.

Fall also brings us one of our favorite pelagic species to the area, the king mackerel or more commonly known in our area as the kingfish.  This year most of the big kingfish tournaments in the Tampa Bay area are cancelled because of Covid-19 so I would expect there to be less pressure on these fish this year than years past.  There will also be plenty of spanish mackerel in the area that provide for some of the best table fare when prepared properly.

Speaking of table fare, this is a good time to remind everyone that snook, redfish, and trout still have a closed season until next year.  Spanish mackerel and kingfish are open and both taste delicious when prepared properly!

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