This February has been a great month for catching fish. The water has stayed warm with water temps hovering in the low 70’s all month. We have been catching tons of snook on the flats near the mangroves. Our go to bait this month has been white bait that we are finding on the grass flats. A good way to find whitebait on the flats is to look for diving birds and then creep up to the flat as quiet as you can and look into the water for the white flashes that these fish make when the sun reflects off their scales. Once you locate the bait you have two options, either throw your net right away if they are schooled up, or you can use chum to attract them to you. A popular chum that works really well is the Tropical Fish food that is sold at St. Pete Fishing Outfitters.


We have also been catching tons of sheepshead all throughout February using shrimp near man made structure like bridges and docks. We have been using live shrimp but don’t hesitate to drop down a dead shrimp or just a piece of shrimp if that’s all you have. Sheepshead will destroy just about any crustacean you drop in front of their face, dead or alive.   These fish provide an excellent meal for the angler looking to take home their catch but don’t be surprised if they make off with your bait. Their nickname is convict fish because they are known bait stealers. Their large molar like teeth make it difficult to get a proper hook set sometimes but don’t get frustrated if this starts happening. Just stay positive and keep trying and you should get yourself a beautiful sheepshead to bring home.


If you would like more tips and help catching fish in the Tampa Bay area call Capt. Zack at 727.656.2373 and book a charter today!!