The dog days of summer are here in St. Pete Beach!

That means most of our charters end around noon to beat the summer heat.  There’s still some snook and redfish being caught on the flats of Tampa Bay that escaped the red tide this year as well as some snapper and mackerel being caught in the deeper waters of Tampa Bay around structure.  I expect September to bring some slower flats fishing with most of the focus being on those snapper and mackerel racing around Tampa Bay.  These drag peelers are always a crowd pleaser when we can get into a good school of them.  Once things start to cool down in St. Pete Beach and the waters in Tampa Bay start dipping back down we will get into one of my absolute favorite times to fish, FALL.  Fall will bring new species to our area and will wake up all those sluggish fish on the flats of Tampa Bay after a long September.


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