We have had a warm winter so far in St. Pete and Tampa Bay and that has kept the water temperature up and allowed us to fish for a species we usually don’t target during winter, snook. Snook are still closed for harvest so it’s purely fishing for sport when targeting them. Two more fun fish we target during our winter months are sheepshead and tripletail which both put up a fun fight all the way to the boat and make for a tasty dinner.

The best days for fishing for snook have been right before a cold front when the barometric pressure starts changing. The days after the cold fronts bring the water temps back down some and that’s when we usually fish for sheepshead and tripletail.

We’ve also been catching some redfish and trout in Tampa Bay but they haven’t been taking the main stage this winter like years past but that will shift soon as we enter into our spring time patterns and the redfish start filling in.